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Rick and Morty #40


Image of Rick and Morty #40

Please note: Orders placed from Saturday the 6th of October will ship on Monday the 15th of October.

Writers: Kyle Starks, Josh Trujillo
Artists: Marc Ellerby and Rii Abrego with Sarah Stern

Rick and Morty are locked in a lethal battle royale, but Rick has a secret weapon—the Transformatron, which can change him into any form. Pizza Rick! Cactus Rick! Butter Churn Rick! IT'S A RICK-STRAVAGNZA! Rick turns into a lot of different things in this issue, okay? There's also a lot of violence and blatant disregard for Morty's well-being! You're gonna love it!

Each comic comes signed and sketched on the cover for free! Use the note to seller option to include any dedication requests, likewise if you'd prefer not to have a signature/sketch on the cover let me know.