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Rick and Morty #44 Variant


Image of Rick and Morty #44 Variant

Julia Scott Variant Cover

Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: Marc Ellerby with Sarah Stern
Cover: Julia Scott

A message from Rick Sanchez: "Oooh wee, bruh, haven't you been wondering about The Vindicators and how The Vindicators met Rick and Morty and what kind of a super-duper mess they got into? Well, guess what. Yeah, you guessed right. Here it is. Rick and Morty VINDICATORS. THE ISSUE." Editor's note: Raise your hand if you read that in his voice. I sure did. Also, this excellent issue is written by Kyle Starks, with art by Marc Ellerby and Sarah Stern, and features a back-up story by Tini Howard, with art by Jarret Wiliams and Sarah Stern.

This book comes signed along with a Rick head sketch on the front cover. Please use the note to seller option to include any dedication requests, likewise if you'd prefer not to have a signature/sketch please let me know.